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Why Advertise on Salafi Matrimonial?

Other than word of mouth, newspaper advertisements and social media there are many other ways to present your business and share your esteemed offerings to the Salafi Community. We term our website to be one of such sources, where we will help our advertisers to promote their products or services in a professional manner in'sha'Allah.

There are many wedding blogs, magazines and other media with eye catching advertisements. We opt to frame our advertisement and presentation channel of halal businesses of Salafi Community on this website with exteremely high quality and with call to action features, in'sha'Allah. Our goal is also to share practical business ideas and inspiration.

We wish to reach to the global Salafi Community to extend our free matrimonial services and we expect your support and noble contribution in it. In exchange, we will offer best possible advertisement presentations of your business units or services on our website with a special section dedicated to it, where visitors can explore your product range.

We want to engage the Salafi Community through all possible halal resources which can strengthen all of us. We want to bring the social experience into the holding of Salafi Matrimonial Website. We also want to make it easier for people to find the right vendors.

We know we are newbies, so we don’t claim any pageviews or unique readers or visitors just yet. However we are in this for the long haul in'sha'Allah and want to make this a win-win situation for you too so that you get the best return on investment on your advertising with us.

How do we plan to build up the readership of your advertisements?

By offering fresh content, clean resources and great look 'n' feel.

We are already off to a great start. So why not you become the talk of the town today :)

Hopefully you get the idea that we are serious and different. To be frank and honest we are not looking to make money, the revenues generated through the advertisements will be used for the upliftment and smooth functioning of the website and our matrimonial services, in'sha'Allah.

Lets strengthen Salafi community. Come be a part of it.

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If you would like more detail on advertising and are open to exploring ways of reaching the Salafi Community please send a mail on OR please call +91 7207564898  •  +91 9700949389