Privacy Policy

  • You can trust that our conversations will be private and privileged; we will only share this information with your expressed consent.
  • We never sell your personal information to anyone.
  • We never send you promotional mail for any commercial purpose.
  • Please note that we will need to verify the identity of anyone requesting matrimonial information or requesting to share his biodata with "Salafi Matrimonial community" to ensure that the person is genuine.
  • We share your personal information with those members of "Salafi Matrimony" who appear to be your match or vice-versa.
  • We may share Your personal information for safety reasons.
  • If we have any reason to believe that disclosing your personal identification is required by "Salafi Matrimonial Authority" we may disclose the same.
  • The team and the authorities at Salafi Matrimonial are committed to ensuring the privacy and safety of all of our members, We will make every effort to ensure that your use on our site and in our email communication is secure. We try level best that all of your personal information, contact details and photographs on our site are secured. Your communication may be monitored and maintained by us for quality and safety purposes.