Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakat

Please consider the following conditions prior to fill the form

  • Each Submission is recorded with a unique submission ID and IP address of the sender so please do not submit / fill up the form more than once, multiple entries may nullify your matrimonial request.
  • It is pre-conditioned that the applicant

    1. Will not demand dowry from the proposed bride in any direct or indirect form
    2. Will not get engaged in exaggerated and lavish marriage customs and celebrations
    3. Will not get involved in islamically unlawful and wrong traditions and unislamic customs
  • Please do not bother to fill up the form and request registration if the form sounds busy or lengthy, we plan to request much more details once you fill up this form, so we expect applicants to be ready for the same too. If it appears that we are requesting much more information, kindly do not plan to register with us.
  • Please do not skip any field, the more information you provide, the more chances can be expected to process your request.
  • Last but not the least, please invest time in registering with us only if you are a member of Jamiat-e-Ahle Hadees.
  • We could not guarantee the processing result within a certain duration, but we will try best for quick process in'sha'Allah.
  • We know and understand that many brothers and sisters hesitate and excuse in uploading photographs for bridal proposals. We do not publish your profile or photograph on our website or anywhere else on the internet. All referrals will be by e-mail. We will take all efforts to safeguard your modesty and integrity. Photographs are an integral part of any matrimonial request, so attaching a photo may boost and expedite the process. We will not share the photos of any bridal proposals without your consent and we expect co-operation and understanding from you. If any doubts, feel free to discuss in mail, before registering with us.